Extremely Femme Transvestite Sissy: December 2018

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Dressing en femme to jury obligation.
Sseveral months ago, I needed to go for jury responsibility. I used to be in a real sissy frame of mind so I determined I might go dressed in women's clothing, although it can be considerably unisex at first look. I made no effort to hide that I was male (e.g. no wig or bra). After all I wore lingerie, panties, and a camisole. I also wore black womens slacks and a flower patterned blouse. On my toes I wore a ladies's patterned trouser socks and womens loafers. The look was moderately femme however I appreciated it loads, and that i did enjoy realizing that I was wearing womens clothes the whole day. I did not get selected so this was only a sooner or later event. I'm wondering if carrying women's clothing may have been a purpose for not getting chosen or if they even observed.

Looking for male clothing in femme attire
Not too long ago, I went to buy a pair of mens footwear for work. (I've over two dozen pair of womens footwear and only two mens sneakers, and people are just for work). I went to the division shoe to try on mens shoes, dressed nominally male, but wearing solely womens clothing. I wore a plain darkish crimson silk blouse with black slacks, black hose with polka dots, and ladies's loafers (Franco Sarto footwear). I looked nominally male, but had the enjoyment of realizing that I had on only womens attire. In order that I might really feel even better, I wore a tightly laced corset with garters to carry up my stockings, and a camisole. It was so delightfully constricting and added to the joy of overtly wearing female attire in public as a male. Nobody observed, I feel. Nobody said something. After all, if you need consideration, please feel free to gown as overtly feminine as doable.

New rule: When purchasing for male clothes, I now should go dressed completely in womens attire but remain an apparent male. I am solely allowed to shop while wearing womens attire from now on. That is my new rule. What are you going to do to be extra sissy in pulbic?

We all must costume in womens attire extra often. I did it because I like to do it and I would like you all to comply with my instance. Take a bit step right this moment.

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