Can you make an omelette without breaking a few eggs?

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Not an egg omelette you can't. Even using the powdered stuff available now, in order to make the powder, the company had to break the eggs too to make that powder.

But after breaking the eggs or mixing up the powder (cheater), you then mix in your other ingredients in a bowl and then put it in a pan and cook it and then eat. Try not to burn it, but also try not to have it too runny (undercooked). But really, the joy of cooking for yourself is that you can cook things to eat the way you like them cooked. Even better, you can experiment around a little bit and try something different.

Also, while cooking, try to keep a fire extinguisher handy just in case. You never know when something may short out or a gas leak or such. Honest, even the best cooks have had problems with the equipment malfunctioning. You just never know. But also, cooking isn't for everyone. Cooking is for those that eat. Wait, um, doesn't everyone that has an aura with flesh attached (aka living) eat? OK, try the easy stuff first - buy a bunch of bananas. You don't have to cook bananas. Then try oranges, fresh salad, and then work your way up to boiling water. Boiling water is a good skill to learn in case your water has problems. Try not to burn the water though (I have actually seen this happen where someone left the water boil too long and the pot started melting after the water boiled out. It happens.). But if worst comes to worst, you can always have the microwave oven and a browning tray. But even with the browning tray, microwaved (nuked) food just does not have the same taste as actual cooked food.

And then there's the gas grill. Definitely have a fire extinguisher handy with that. The gas grill is usually fine, but sometimes the added 1D-10T (take out the 'dash -') part has been known to create some interesting problems while cooking over a gas grill. Sure that hat and apron look funky, but they can catch on fire when an 1D-10T is too near the grill while the grill is operational. Stuff happens. Always try to be prepared just in case.

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