Has this site really only been around during the last six months?

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Honestly, there were parts of this site that were around before six months ago ( http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/2106/what-other-projects-have-you-worked-on-before-ask-metatron#latest ) . But I started this site six months ago because I had a lot of information to share and the typical web page and such were just too large for what I was doing. I broke the old information up into smaller topics to make the writing smaller and easier to manage. Such a wide variety of different topics available.

Another part, how are people going to get 'smarter' without sharing information? And web pages are not really interactive as people that visit a web page are not able to say what they wish to say as a web page can only be changed by the web page maker. So I chose the forum format because it is interactive with the poster and the user able to converse back and forth instead of just reading something and no feedback (web pages html).

And then, when I first started, there were people that were not able to be 'confirmed' as a confirmed member because they used a public network, and the forum software saw this as a possible threat and blocked the network from registering. So that is why I changed the unconfirmed member to the same as a confirmed member within the first month.

Also, I needed to make the information available without having to even register or sign up at all. Signing up allows a person to post on here, but the content and such can still be read without becoming a member of the forum.

More also, a forum allows discussion of information, and as such, you can discuss copyrighted information and such without having to try and obtain a license or permission and such. And part of my information is provided by people who are now deceased and unable to give or reject permission as they are dead now. A séance is not considered legally binding and many mediums and such have been proven not to be able to contact the actual spirits anyway, as the actual spirit would know certain information and the medium (séance talker) can not seem to relay this information that the actual personal spirit would know. So how do you get permission from a dead person anyway? The nice part about a discussion forum is that you do not need permission to discuss things. You just discuss them.

Anyway, I have all of my personal information and stories to share and with all the misinformation available, I am all to happy to share now. My given name is Adrian, my first nickname was Bubby, then I became known as Ace and a bunch of events happened throughout. Around August 25/26, 2015, I came upon the name Metatron as all the information that I had been given by others pointed to this name as well (the one who Edgar Cayce got his information from, The Keeper of the Book of Life, and so on). And I got to meet many different interesting individuals and share stories with them as well because of my having a double-nerved upper left bicuspid (that apparently only Metatron possesses) - http://www.theeaceman.com/interesting.html . And I got to realize over the years, that sometimes you can forget to mention things that may be important due to lack of time or forgetfulness or such. Also, many people hear what they wish to hear, and you can say something to them, and when they repeat it back, it sounds nothing like what you actually said. That is why I started writing things out so that the information was uniform and easier to reference for anyone and everyone. And also, the information is there as it is and not as someone else may wish it to be.

So anyway, here we are after six months and many more months and probably years to follow. But still an echo in the back of my mind from 1979 when Sir Nicholas Boehr (Boer, never got his exact last name spelling) told me that "if you knew what happens to you, you may not do what you are supposed to do, but I think when the time comes you will do the right thing." And I pretty much agree with the philosophy of if it is supposed to happen, it will happen regardless of prophesy and such. And if you look at prophesy more carefully, it is usually pretty vague and in some points exotic as how can someone in the past explain stuff that is yet to exist? So what exists, exists. Fate is what it is. So why not have some enjoyment along the way?

And of course, look at what gets written about people (history). Now look at what the people that did this stuff, that history talks about, have written themselves. All of these experts but who would know more about the person themselves? The person themselves or some expert on that person? Exactly. Now, reread all that history stuff again and look for stuff written by the person themselves. Keep reading. The first five books of the Holy Bible were written by Moses. Who would know more about Moses than Moses himself? But not one word of the New Testament was written by Ieshua (Jesus) himself. And all this other history stuff including Alexander the Great and all of that. So many unanswered questions as the ones that could answer those questions are now gone. After all, who would know more about me than me, myself and I ( http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/551/how-did-you-get-such-a-large-vocabulary ), Rabbi Ishmael (a rabbi convicted of heresy for trying to convert the jewish people to paganism)? Really?

Experts do not make mistakes. People make mistakes (me, myself, and I included), so therefore experts are just figments of their own imaginations. Well over 900,000 members and growing every day here. And all those that realize that they do not need to be members to get information from this site, only to post on this site. It is not about numbers or popularity or any of that. It is about how can someone know without asking? And once you ask, someone, somewhere has an answer. Is it me or is it someone else? Only one way to find out. I already wrote a book ( http://www.thenewmathbook.com/order.html ) and the revised teacher's edition is here ( http://www.thenewmathbook.com/thefullbook.html ) and I have the experience to know that a book can only contain the knowledge of what WAS written at that time. A web site can be continual. And since I wrote a book about my life, and my life is still continuing... (Yeah, a web site, imagine that).

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