What does it really mean when "something is on sale"?

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The real definition of "something is on sale" is something is able to be sold. There actually is no discount required for something to be considered "on sale".

Watch, as I demonstrate...

Tomato Soup, usually priced at 48 cents ($0.48) a can, is now on sale for 2 / $1 (two for a dollar). Believe it or not, you will probably 'sell' more tomato soup at 2 cans for $1, even though the normal price is 48 cents a can. Sold - at an extra profit of 2 cents per can of course, but sold nonetheless. Someone bought it anyway. Maybe it was you. Maybe not. Anyway...

Just as well, 15 miles down the road at another gas station, they are advertising gasoline at ten (10) cents less per gallon. Your heavy duty pickup truck gets twelve (12) miles per gallon. You get 20 gallons of gasoline at ten (10) cents per gallon less or you save $2.00 by buying at the less expensive station. But you used up a gallon of gasoline at $2.93 9 compared to $3.03 9 and therefore the cheaper gasoline actually lost you more than 93 ($0.93 0) cents in cost. What a savings.

On a different token (whether or not you use public transportation in New York City), cigarettes are $100 a carton of 10 in New York State. 25 miles away (or two gallons of gasoline there and two gallons back or at $3 per gallon X 4 gallons = $12) the cigarettes are priced at $50 a carton of 10 for the same cigarettes. You spend $12 to save $50 or you actually save $38. What are you waiting for? A sale?

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