Do you have any odd stories to share about filing a New York State USA state tax return?

metatronmetatron Corning, NY, USA, Planet Earth

Did you know that New York State requires a formal written request if you file a tax return and get a refund under one dollar?

I found this out in 2007, when I filed a New York State tax return for 2006 and I put $0.68 as the refund amount.

Instead of a check, New York State sent me back a letter saying that in order to claim a refund under one dollar, I had to submit a written request for anything under one dollar. If I had rounded up to one dollar, a check would have been sent. Because I left it as $0.68, I was sent a letter instead. I am still not sure why a tax form is not considered a 'written request', but I also looked at the envelope and I noticed the postage on the envelope to be $0.74 . I wrote the New York State tax department back and told them to please not respond back as they had already spent more for the postage than the $0.68 was worth to me and to keep the sixty-eight cents to help offset the cost of postage they had paid to send me the letter. They did not respond back, and neither did I after that (I spent sixty-four cents myself in postage). Anyway, what is worth more, sixty-eight cents or a story about sixty-eight cents? I like the story better myself, as what can you really do with sixty-eight cents in the USA anyway? At least I got a story out of it.

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