What about anger and impatience?

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Anger and impatience are there to let you know there is a problem.

Once you figure out there is a problem...

Actual problem solving requires thought. Angry people do not think very well. Angry people usually make a problem worst by not thinking properly and just doing something out of anger. Do you honestly believe throwing a cell phone halfway across the room through a glass window is going to fix the phone and the window at the same time? Of course not. Yes, there is a problem, and guaranteed that unless you calm down, you will only make the problem worst with anger. And of course anger goes into frustration, which frustration leads to more anger, which leads to more frustration... An endless cycle unless you take a break, walk away, and calm down before you come back to the problem. The problem will always be there until you fix it. But unless you calm down and think about the problem and a solution that works to fix the problem, your trying to fix the problem with anger will just lead to more problems and nothing getting fixed. Face it, angry people are just destructive. Calm people are constructive. So are you looking to build something useful? Or are you looking to destroy something that used to be useful? Your choice.

Impatience will lead to anger at some point. Think about it. I am in a hurry, but... Being in a hurry will lead to impatience. Impatience will lead to becoming angry. And anger will lead to trying to do something stupid to fix a problem. And yes, doing something stupid usually creates more problems and does not fix problems. But you just couldn't wait, could you?

With both anger and impatience, you are the problem. Until you fix the problem of being angry and impatient, more problems are bound to start happening.

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