What is meant by "hidden meaning"? (Adult content - mild language)

metatronmetatron Corning, NY, USA, Planet Earth
edited October 2018 in General

Hidden meaning is when someone says one thing, but means something else.

In other words, what was actually said was meant to be something else. In other words, nonsense. If someone meant to say something else, they would have said something else, correct?

A pun is when someone says something that can be taken two different ways and is not to be confused with 'hidden meaning'. Puns are intended to have two different meanings (nothing hidden).

So take 'hidden meaning' for what it really is, nonsense. And nonsense begets bullshit. And bullshit begets politicians, lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists, socialogists, ... and experts. And let's face facts here. Experts are people who do not make mistakes. People make mistakes, so therefore experts are just figments of their own imaginations, right? Exactly. Bullshit!

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