Is it true that too much thinking lowers a person's "sex drive"? (Slight Adult Content - Sex)

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Not true at all. Sex drive (the wanting to have sex) is a physical characteristic and not really controlled by thoughts. A person's sex drive is controlled mainly by hormones and those hormones are not any more, nor less prevalent in those that think. The aura (electromagnetic energy) controls the human body. Thinking, for the most part, does not diminish the production of hormones nor increase it either. But if those hormones become very prevalent, there may be too much thinking about sex and other thoughts may become lost in the thought process. And what is the point of thinking about something, without gaining the personal experience of doing as well? A one track mind.

In life (aura with substance attached), the aura (thoughts, controller) and the flesh (substance, controlled) combine and work together for as long as life lasts. After life, when an aura separates from the flesh and the flesh dies, the interaction of flesh and aura is no longer there. Without the flesh, no sex drive or hormones as an aura. Without the aura, no sex drive for the dead flesh either. It is the combination of aura and flesh, called life, that can create a sex drive. So all of this talk of celebacy (no sex) and virginity (no sex again) by religions makes little to no sense. Having sex, nor not having sex, does not make an aura with flesh attached any more or less pure than what it is. Auras do not have sex by themselves. Auras need flesh attached to want or desire sex. Aura is electromagnetic energy which does not produce hormones. An aura can control the production of hormones. But hormones are of the flesh, not of the aura. Anyway...

Do plants have sex drives too? No. Just animals.

Is there anything else you would like to add? Let's see, math is the study of curves and angles and such. Do you see any curves or angles out there? Look harder. Concentrate. Do you see the matrixes and boxed sets turning into matresses and box springs yet? Well, do you? Concentrate some more... Math problems. Life problems. Math solutions. Life solutions. The new math. It all adds up or subtracts out eventually.

Sex, would life exist without it? Test tube. Petri dish. Maybe. But would life be as much fun without it? But then too, you are having sex with a Butthole (one who makes rules for others to follow but does not follow the same rules themselves) and a Butthole is not that much fun to be around always giving everyone else things to do while they do whatever they please. But such is life (aura with flesh attached). And where life goes, stories follow.

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