If ozone does not block radiation, what does?

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Lead (Pb) originally called Plumbium (hence Pb) does block radiation. The problem is that lead is slightly toxic with direct contact. Lead poisoning is the result of ingestion or overexposure to lead. Too much lead has been known to cause deliriousness and eventually death. Ozone (O3) as stated does not actually appear to block radiation and with larger quantities of O3 the presence of O4 which is harmfully radioactive is most likely present. Luckily, O3 is fairly uncommon and O4 is almost nonexistent naturally. Man made O3 and O4 is usually contained in lead containers.

Lead (Pb) seems to be the only solid substance that does not accept an excited electron, neutron, or proton. Thusly lead (Pb) is effective for containing radioactive substances.

And final note, even the noble gases (Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon) which are usually nonreactive with other chemicals, appear to be able to accept extra electrons, neutrons, and protons from radioactive materials creating radioactive isotopes. Lead (Pb) still appears to be the only nonreactive substance with exposure to radioactivity. Radioactivity is measured by an instrument known as a Geiger Counter.

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