Why so many questions?

metatronmetatron Corning, NY, USA, Planet Earth
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Because questions are what lead to things called answers. And many times these answers lead to more questions...

It is called thinking and is an enjoyable experience for most auras. After all substance (without aura attached) does not think and just exists.

But then too, do plants actually think? Well? Truthfully if plants thought, they would try to uproot and move to higher ground during a flood, wouldn't they? But since plants can not physically uproot, maybe they think about it, but it just can not be done? Maybe it can be done and they just do not think about it? Ask more questions. Search for more answers.

But questions lead to thinking, and thinking leads to answers. And answers can lead to more questions, and more questions can lead to more answers. And more thinking.

And with that thought, is there anything wrong with being able to think? Think about it.

So questions lead to thought and thought leads to answers. And answers can lead to more questions, more thought, and more answers. But what about unanswered questions? Is there such a thing as an unanswered question? Not really. All questions do actually have an answer, but we may not know the answer at the time of the question. Patience. If we keep thinking on the question, the answer may become known some day. Until then, is there anything wrong with keep thinking? THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything).

And after finding the answers, then what? More thinking? Brain fried anyone from too much thought? And that is why break time was invented. Or was it? You do know what taking a break is, don't you?

Information. How much information is too much? How much information is too little? How much more of this will it take? Exactly. Keep asking questions. And so long as there are questions we will always have something to think about throughout eternity. And how long does eternity last anyway? Forever? Uh oh, I think that I had better get a bigger website.

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