How do I know when enough is enough?

metatronmetatron Corning, NY, USA, Planet Earth

When your anger starts getting the better of you.

Anger is there to let you know there is a problem. The problem with anger though, is that no one thinks straight when angry. Therefore, when you get angry, chances are, you will end up creating more problems unless you back away and wait for that anger to subside so that you can think and solve problems rationally again. Yes, if you are angry, you will do irrational things. The best thing to do when your anger acts up is to back away and try to take a break and get away from whatever is making you angry. Believe it or not, after the anger does go away, you will figure out a better way to solve a problem. But until that anger goes away, you will most likely sabotage yourself and make the problem worst because you are not thinking properly.

But yes, enough is enough. And when enough gets to be too much, then back away. You will be glad you did. Anger is not going to solve that problem, but it definitely may create many more problems, which creates more anger, and more problems, and... Well, you wouldn't step back and calm down, so you should know better by now, shouldn't you?

Think about it. That stupid bolt on the alternator wouldn't tighten properly, so you threw the ratchet through the windshield. That fixed it, right? So and so called you a name, so you punched the wall next to him and broke your hand and had to be in a cast for a month. That fixed the problem, right? Your boss asked you to get back to work and you threw a fit and tossed stuff all over the boss's office and started yelling and swearing at your boss. Then your boss fired you and that fixed your problem, right? So go ahead and let yourself get angry again and see what more fun you can have. Haven't you had enough fun already? Come on you wimp, and while you are angry, do you happen to have two ten dollar bills for a five dollar bill? Thanks. I'll be leaving now. Have fun.

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