Do you know anything about the Taki Fu Fighting technique? (plus link to MUGEN game)

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In 2012, as Thee Ace Man, I invented this technique and translated it into a MUGEN fighting game character.

I recently added a short web page for the game download here

But a rewritten story goes like this... (notice, Metatron substituted for the original "Thee Ace Man". Still the same person).

Metatron character
from Life Experience
adaptation to M.U.G.E.N. by Thee Ace Man / Metatron
for WinMUGEN & MUGEN 1.0

Background Information: Metatron is a MUGEN character designed around the principle of the "Taki Fu" (tah kee foo) non-violent fighting technique. This is a long lost ancient technique that was recently rediscovered by Metatron, himself, after trying many different ideas in a search for world peace. "Taki Fu" meaning the art of combining Tapioca with Saki to unleash an inner energy within the human body that can be very potent when harnessed by a trained master. This is a very easy technique to learn but only through proper training can this revolutionary fighting technique lead to a world of peace and tranquility. As such, this character is being released in an effort to help train individuals in the proper uses of "Taki Fu" to help bring about this New World Order filled with peace and tranqility. Metatron has tried and thought about many different techniques not limited to martial arts, wrestling, boxing, brass knuckles, numchucks, knives, swords, guns, bombs, chemical weapons, atomic weapons, and even nuclear weapons, but has yet to find a fighting technique as powerful as a Taki Fu trained master. Heaven help us all if this technique should ever be used to try and rule the world... Are you the one with this hidden power to help bring peace and tranquility to our battle-ridden universe? Or will you be destined to live in the shadows, fearful of the New World Order and this terrifying new technique that has been unleashed on the world?...

Disclaimer: Caution!!! Please do not eat, drink, or smoke
while using this character. Taki Fu, as stated, is a very
potent mix of Tapioca and Saki and as such can cause
unforeseen effects on the end-user. Use this character at
your own risk. You have been warned...

Move List:

Normal moves:

Light Creaking Door - a
Light Squeaky Chair - b
Rejuvenate (Taki Fu) - c
Hard Creaking Door - x
Hard Squeaky Chair - y
Fly - z

Special Moves:

Machine Gun - x+y
Pile Driver - ~B,F,a
Barking Spider - ~B,F,b
Sneaky Snake - ~F,B,a
Commodal Dragon - ~F,B,b
Wind Breaker - ~F,B,x
Quacker - ~F,B,y
Wet Wiper - ~D,DF,F,b power >= 1000 (level 1)
Bottomless Pit - ~B,DB,D,b power >= 1000 (level 1)
Sloppy Seconds - ~D,DB,B,b power >= 1000 (level 1)
Bleacher Rattler - ~D,DB,B,x power >= 1000 (level 1)
Royal Flush - ~B,DB,D,x power >= 1000 (level 1)

Finishing Moves:

Flock of Flying Turtles - ~F,DF,D,a power >= 3000 (level 3)
Grampa - ~D,DB,B,a power >= 3000 (level 3)
Pea Souper - ~D,DF,F,a power >= 3000 (level 3)
Peace Piper (S.B.D. Silent But Deadly) - ~D,DB,B,y power >= 4000 (level 4)
Patriot Missile - ~D,DF,F,y power >= 4000 (level 4)
J.A.C.G.C. - ~D,DF,F,x power >= 5000 (level 5)

And what does J.A.C.G.C. stand for? The ultimate move for World
Peace that even the executor of this move cannot withstand the
power of. A move reknowned for making all people unconscious (human),
or disrupting the electric circuitry (machine), or drawing
the energy from existence itself (spiritual). Or maybe it means
"Just Another Crappy GohanSSM2 Character".

But the art of Taki Fuing is, in all honesty, me (Enoch / Metatron / Thee Ace Man) farting all over the place. So in a post on this forum about the Battle of Armageddon, if I am there, I probably will be the one on the sidelines telling jokes to all sides in the battle.

Taki Fu - Tapioca (rice pudding) and saki (rice wine) to give you Taki Fu (rice farts).

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  • metatronmetatron Corning, NY, USA, Planet Earth

    The game itself has a demo mode built in so it can make for an interesting screen saver if you want to just let the game run o:) .

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