Phoenix Bail Bonds

KelliB0267KelliB0267 Belgium, Senzeille

5,000 to be paid to the bail bond's company. 5,000 laying around. The quickest way is to charge it directly to a credit card. 50,000 bond usually needs one of two things. Very good credit on behalf of the person who is going to be guaranteeing the bond (this is the indemnitor) or some sort of collateral which is usually a home owned by the indemnitor. And the home must have quite a bit of equity available. The father in this case has a great fico score of 780, so the Phoenix Bail Bonds bonds company will allow the process to move forward with just the signature. So far now, hours have passed and its about 4 hours later. At this time we have the son/arrestee completely booked in, the father (indemnitor) is done with all the paperwork, and the premium has been paid. Next we will move to bailing out the son.

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