Trump, Kim Jong-Un Choose Prestigious Paris BEAUTY SALON For Historic Meeting

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When the leaders of america and North Korea convene for an historic meeting within the next two months, it'll be held within an unlikely location - at the upscale Parisian beauty salon of David Mallet, coiffeur to the city’s most beautiful people.

Both President Donald Trump and Supreme Innovator Kim Jong-Un say that their out-of-date hairstyles will be the subject matter of constant ridicule, and think that a contemporary cut from Paris’ most well-known hairstylist could put them on course for momentous and progressive political changes.

"I’m buying cut that will give me more confidence as I meet with small Rocket Guy," said President Trump, speaking through the Oval Office. "I love the style Manny Macron wears, and he explained he would go to Mallet’s salon." Mr. Trump was referring to Emmanuel Macron, Leader of France.

Kim Jong-Un also seemed excited about meeting the American chief executive at a high-end hair salon because of their first encounter. He stated through an interpreter: "My locks not too bad as American dotard’s, but nonetheless ugly. It’s like bad bowl slice from 1950s. I want Paris hair man to make me appear to be Hollywood movie star. Need him to shave chest pubes, too. Nobody in North Korea has silly chest locks."

Foreign policy professionals think that their poor, outdated haircuts have put both leaders in edge, creating a confrontational atmosphere that recently brought them to the brink of nuclear war. These politics observers contend that your choice to conduct a major diplomatic meeting within an opulent, 4,000 sq. foot. Parisian hair salon with a traditional atmosphere and spectacular views of the City of Lights may be an ideal place to get a positive meeting in which a sustainable peace accord can be negotiated.

If the diplomatic summit in Paris between Mr. Trump and Kim Jong-Un succeeds needlessly to say, the United Nations says it, as well, will consider keeping future international talks at well-known hair salons in main cities around the world.

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